Restoration Service

At Koszo Tile & Stone Restoration we offer a full restoration service which includes polishing, honing, or buffing on most stones. We also do stain removal and scratch removal by polishing. Cracked, chipped or damaged stones can be repaired with epoxy. We can also color match your stone, damaged or missing grout, and caulking. And of course we’re open to any special requests be it a water fountain, countertop, fireplace, stone farm sink, stone stair case, antique tiles and so much more! Please check out our gallery of before and after photos.

Tile & Grout

Depending on the use and location of the installed surface, tile and grout will require professional cleaning and sealing maintenance regularly. We at Koszo Tile & stone restoration are dedicated to restoring your old grout to a new and refreshed look! Our high pressure cleaning machines will take care of all the grease and dirt coming out the grout. We can also repair your missing grout or caulking and color match it. We have the best sealers on the market that we carefully select for the type of grout you have.


Marble is a beautiful material but also very moisture sensitive. If it’s not properly maintained by cleaning and sealing then it will lead to a more costly restoration. We are passionate about your marble. We want to ensure you with the best marble care. We can detect if your marble has moisture issues or not and how to step forward. We clean all marble with alkaline cleaner and we rinse it with marble neutralizer to get rid of all the residue from the cleaner before applying the sealer. At Koszo Tile & Stone Restoration we offer different choices of sealers that are perfectly designed for your marble: wet look sealer, color & enhancer, penetrating sealer, etc.


Limestone and travertine are very soft materials but their beauty can be outstanding. We use our high pressure jet cleaning machines to clean limestone and travertine because sometimes in this particular stone there are small holes that naturally hold dirt. Travertine can be straight edged, tumbled or chiseled edge. Tumbled or chiseled edge require more frequent cleaning and sealing because of their rustic appearance. Limestone can be especially sensitive to discoloration and moisture and that’s why we like to educate customers about how to take care of the stone types, how we approach the cleaning process and how to choose the best sealer for the type of stone.   We guarantee the best cleaning results on your travertine or limestone.


Most kitchen countertops are granite which is the best choice. Granite does not need frequent care but every 3 to 5 years it needs a professional cleaning and sealer applied. We high pressure clean granite just like other surfaces. We use the best solvent or oil based granite sealers that will last long and protect your countertop.

Saltillo Tiles

Sometimes these are called Mexican pavers. Rustic, they give a charming feel and look but they are very porous since they are made out of clay. If Saltillo is not well maintained the tiles need to be stripped. The old coating or topical sealer that is worn off over time needs to be removed which is why we use professional stripper that dissolves all the old coating. We then rinse it off with a very high pressure rinse before applying the coating. We typically recommend 3 coats of sealer since Saltillo is very absorbent. Topical sealers provide a coating over your Saltillo and preventing them from staining.

Vinyl Tiles

These are usually used for commercial flooring. Vinyl tiles are made out of plastic and epoxy; over time they wear off their shine. We high pressure clean them and re-polish them to the desirable sheen. Vinyl tiles are like stone, they can be polished or honed. If the vinyl tiles are scratched that will require polishing and perhaps different steps to polish out the scratches.  


Sometimes concrete is used for a final flooring in residential homes for an urban look. Since concrete is a very dense material it is more durable than the stone. Still, concrete can easily be stained by food or just daily use. We have a high pressure (1200 PSI) cleaning machine that will not just clean the concrete surface but also suck up all the extra and dirty water. Then we dry it and apply a penetrating or topical sealer based on the customer request.